The WYSIWYG Factor

"What do I care what people have to say about me?"
"Yeah, who cares what people think, it's between me and Allah"

Ah yes. Indeed, who cares? People will talk, and spread rumors and be jealous... that's what people do. But does that mean you can do whatever you want without ever taking responsibility for your actions? Without any repercussions ever?

I'm a translator. At work, I always work in WYSIWYG. Why? Because I know what to expect when I send my document to the printer. I know where my margins are, I know where my page breaks are, and I know almost exactly what my print out will look like when I'm done.

Logically, what do you expect from a liar? Lies. What do you expect from a thief? Thieving. What do you expect from a gossiper? Gossip.

So if you're the kind of person who doesn't care what people think, more power to you, but remember that what you see is what you get, and when it comes time to judge your character, people will only rely on one thing: what they've seen.


Anisah said...

I wonder what my factor is ...
must be gullible and stupid

Teapot said...

aren't you exagerating a little?